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Our services include a variety of cosmetology services, such as facial or foot treatments, nail cutting, neck and décolleté care, as well as eyelash and eyebrow tinting and shaping.

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Facial and skin treatments

Facial treatment 1 hour (€69)

Includes: initial cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, mechanical cleansing, active ingredients according to skin type, massage, and mask.

Additionally, if desired: ultrasonic exfoliation + €10, hand massage during the facial + €8.

Ultrasound is a sound wave that propagates through a medium. The vibrating treatment head effectively but gently exfoliates the skin, causing dead skin cells to shed, simultaneously stimulating surface blood circulation and cell metabolism. Suitable for every skin type, especially for:

  • sensitive skin,
  • skin that reacts easily,
  • acne-prone skin, and
  • those sensitive to pain, replacing mechanical cleansing.

Express facial 30 minutes (€39)

Includes: exfoliation, massage, and mask.

Skin cleansing 1 hour (€55)

Includes: initial cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, mechanical cleansing, and mask.

Diamond facial treatment 1 hour 15 minutes (€85)

Includes: initial cleansing, exfoliation with a treatment device, steaming, mechanical cleansing, absorption of active ingredients with ultrasound, massage, and mask.

The diamond exfoliation device operates based on the suction caused by a vacuum compressor, as well as treatment heads categorized by different sizes and roughness levels. The treatment, which is based on the combined effect of the treatment head and adjustable suction,

  • exfoliates dead cells from the skin surface,
  • cleanses skin pores,
  • stimulates skin surface blood circulation and cell metabolism,
  • stimulates collagen production, and
  • smoothes out wrinkles and pigmentation changes.

The best results are achieved with a series of treatments. For pigmentation changes, it's recommended 4-10 times and for scar treatments 8-10 times. It's an excellent treatment for thick, aging, and sagging skin, for treating pigmentation changes, scars, as well as grayed or wrinkled skin.

Eye contour treatment 40 minutes (€39)

Includes: exfoliation, absorption of an intensive ampoule, light massage, and mask.

Neck and décolleté treatment 45 minutes (€45)

Includes: initial cleansing, exfoliation, active ingredient, massage, and mask.

Back cleansing 45 minutes (€45)

Includes: steaming, exfoliation, cleansing, active ingredient, and mask.

Other services

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting (€27)

Includes eyebrow tidying. Duration 30 minutes.

Eyebrow shaping (€10)

Includes eyebrow shaping.

Eyebrow tinting (€15)

Includes eyebrow tinting.

Eyelash tinting (€15)

Includes eyelash tinting.

Foot treatment 1 hour (€52)

Includes: foot bath, removal of calluses, nail trimming and cuticle tidying, nail thinning (if necessary), and a light massage.

Nail polish during the foot treatment €5

Nail trimming (€17.50)

Includes nail cutting.

Hand treatments:

Nail filing and polishing (€25)

Cleaning of nails and cuticles, massage, and polishing (€45)

Cleaning of nails and cuticles, exfoliation, mask, and polishing (€55)

Head massage 20 min (€30)

Includes a relaxing head massage.

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